March 26th, 2009, New York Ė After nearly four years since their last major release, neo-progressive band The Syn are proud to present their brilliant new CD, Big Sky. Although the CD wonít be available in stores until late April, The Syn are currently offering the chance to download the CD now as part of a special pre-sale package from The offer includes both digital and CD versions of Big Sky along with a limited edition t-shirt. A second package also includes a discounted concert ticket for a venue of your choice on The Synís upcoming US tour.

The Syn was formed in 1965 by Steve Nardelli and Yes bass player Chris Squire and has enjoyed a variety of line ups over the years, including contributions from Yes members Alan White and Peter Banks.

Now The Syn are back with a fantastic new line-up featuring founder member Steve Nardelli on vocals, Francis Dunnery of It Bites and Robert Plant fame on guitars and vocals, keyboard whiz Tom Brislin (Spiraling, Yes), Paul Ramsey and Brett Kull (both of progressive rock band Echolyn) on drums and guitar respectively. Also prominently featured on the Big Sky CD is female vocalist Miss Dorie Jackson.

At its core, Big Sky is a progressive offering in the truest sense of the word as it beckons the listener to reach out for a brighter future. Word by word, note by note and chord by chord, Big Sky, as its name foretells, constantly inspires as it builds in fantastic layers of rhyme, rhythm and melody on its soulful journey. The Syn fuse their legendary past with a musical painting of the future and by the end of the CD, we all stand together under the glow and promise of the Big Sky. The Syn's latest album offers a message of hope and a reminder that life is worth living.

About Umbrello Records: Umbrello Records is a leading independent record label and part of Umbrello Music Entertainment. Umbrello Records is home to a diverse family of artists. In addition to progressive music leaders The Syn, the roster includes talented artists Julie Felix (in a collaboration with John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin), K2 featuring Allan Holdsworth (U.K., Level 42), Ryo Okumoto (Spockís Beard), Ken Jaquess (Atlantis), violinist Yvette Devereaux and drummer Doug Sanborn (The Untouchables).


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