Dateline: January 6, 2006

Source: The Chicago Sun Times

10 gotta-see shows for your 2006 to-do list (excerpt)

By Jim DeRogatis - Pop Music Critic

The weeks after Christmas leading up to the slow thaw of March are traditionally the music industry's slowest: There are only a handful of major albums released, and many touring acts opt to wait until the spring before heading back out on the road.

This isn't to say that there aren't a number of great performances and promising new releases to look forward to in the winter months, or that there's even more incredible music already scheduled to drop later in 2006.

Here, then, is a chronological Top 10 of my most eagerly anticipated concerts in the new year, and a brief look ahead at more of what's to come on album and onstage.

1. Jan. 11-12: The Syn at Martyr's, 3855 N. Lincoln: One of the many psychedelic pop bands that flourished in London in the wake of the Beatles and the Summer of Love, the Syn is best remembered today as the first band featuring bassist Chris Squire, later of Yes. But the group's music prevails, especially the indelible single "Grounded," on the recent reissue "Original Syn," and Squire has reunited to tour with the band's original vocalist Stephen Nardelli. The group is performing for two nights next week, and tickets are $35; for more info, call (773) 404-9494. ...

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