Dateline: October 2005

The Syn - Original Syn 1965-2004 Umbrello Records

Source: The Journal Of The Classic Rock Society

By Martin Hudson

The Syn was formed back in the 60s and is part of the history of today's Yes. They are back as a unit and taking part in the More Drama tour of the States throughout August and October and eventually Europe. This tour will feature other aspects of Yes, but to pump up the interest in this quintessentially English outfit here is a 2CD set of music very much of its time.

Talking of time there is a new version of Time And A Word on this retrospective and a new album to look forward to later in the year. Yes band members seem to have taken off to do their own things for the fore-seeable future and this will keep Chris Squire busy along with another Syn founder member, Steve Nardelli. A collectible rather than an essential release!


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