Dateline: October 2005

The Syn

Source: Record Collector

Chris Squire's Umbrello label, set up with The Syn co-founder Steve Nardelli, issues the 2CD Original Syn, 1965-2004 on 12 September. It includes their hits and unreleased rehearsal cuts, alternate takes, and a version of The Who's "I can't explain". The second disc features a 2004 version of "Grounded" and a 10-minute version of Yes' "Time And A Word", re-recorded with original Yes guitarist Peter Banks. It's followed on 3 October by an eponymous White album, featuring Yes' Alan White and former colleague Geoff Downes, and on 31 October, The Syn's new Syndestructible. The Syn tour the UK later this year, with ex-It Bites' Francis Dunnery joining in on vocals and guitar.


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