Dateline: November 9, 2005

Source: Launch

Just out is Syndestructible, the new album from the Syn. The band features bassist Chris Squire and vocalist Stephen Nardelli, who led the group in the '60s in London before going their separate ways -- Squire went on to form Yes, and Nardelli had a very successful career in the clothing and sporting goods business. Squire told LAUNCH that after helping Nardelli out on a song for another project, their partnership flourished again: ["I went to the studio and played some bass on that, and did some backing vocals and harmonies, and it turned out real well. And, and then one thing led to another, and we just started working on some new material. And then after two or three weeks -- which isn't really very long -- of, of writing, we, we had an album that we wanted to put together."] SOUNDCUE (:18 OC: . . . to put together.)

The Syn will return to their old stomping grounds next week when they play the Marquee Club in London on November 15th. Their North American tour gets underway in January.

-- Bruce Simon, New York


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