Dateline: November 08, 2005


VH1 - SYN news item

Is there life beyond having a radio hit in the Ď60s, Ď70s and Ď80s? If youíre an alumnus from the band Yes, the answer is, well, uh "yes." Yes bassist Chris Squire is still active in his more-popular band, but now heís back with a band he played with in London back even before Yes was around. Itís called Syn -- thatís Syn with a Y -- and it features him pairing up again with his old friend Steve Nardelli. (Actuality #3) "Chris and I literally sat down about a year ago and wrote the album probably over a period of only two or three weeks. I think that was kinda why it came together as a piece. And certainly Chris again must take credit for the fact that, you know, itís got this conceptual thing about it, where although the tracks are different they link together to create a whole." Synís new album is called Syndestructible and it arrives in stores today.


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