Dateline: March 7, 2005

MTV-Style Channel to Make Waves in Capital

Source: Edinburgh Evening News

An MTV-style music channel is set to be launched in the capital to showcase Scotland's top musical talent.

The 24-hour alternative rock channel will be the country's first homegrown satellite station and will devote about a third of its output to top Scottish bands.

THAT-TV, which stands for The Home of Alternative Television, is being set up to capitalise on the success of groups such as Franz Ferdinand, Belle and Sebastian, and Snow Patrol.

The channel is the brainchild of Colin Usher, the Edinburgh-based director and music promoter, who wants to offer music fans an alternative to pop acts like Beyonce Knowles and Britney Spears.

Mr Usher said a channel showing Scottish indie music would compete with established alternative music stations such as MTV2 and VH2. He said: "The unimaginative playlist of MTV and other music channels has been a longstanding gripe among music fans. They only play the most obvious, commercial music. But there is so much more exciting music that could be highlighted."

The Edinburgh-based station is due to be launched on Sky in August.

THAT-TV is backed by Umbrello Entertainment, a new company formed by Chris Squire, bassist with rock band Yes, and singer Steve Nardelli.

Mr Nardelli said: "We liked the idea of being based in Edinburgh because Scotland has always had such a strong independent scene."

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