Dateline: November 20, 2004

Chris Squire Back on Recording with The Syn

Source: Sinar Harapan Evening Newspaper -- Jakarta, Indonesia

By Bayu Dwi Mardana

Translated into English by Chriswan Sungkono in Bandung, Indonesia

Chris Squire, bassist of the legendary progressive rock supergroup Yes, is getting back to business once again. Following the end of Yes' long tour in America, Chris is going back to the studio with his old-time band, The Syn. His commitment to make a new album with this band, which once had been active in 1966-7, was made clear when he attended the Prince's Trust Tribute to Trevor Horn at Wembley Stadium, London, English, days ago. This guy, whose full name is Christopher Russell Edward Squire, has written several songs with Stephen Nardelli, The Syn's vocalist. This senior bassist who was born in Kingsbury, England on March 4th, 1948, has also recorded bass tracks for The Syn's latest album. "It is so extraordinary to play with Chris once more. Our good bonds of friendship aside, he was indeed still the best bassist ever alive in the world!  Nardelli said.

The songwriting process of The Syn's studio album was conducted just after the Prince's Trust concert had ended. According to plans, this first studio album is going to be released early next year. "Chris will be featured in this album and start working with the band for the next album, too," added Nardelli. This reunion was heralded by the recording of the song "Cathedral of Love," a new song whose theme tells about loneliness and long-lasting friendships. "This is the new era for The Syn. This studio album is going to be released early 2005 and it has been planned to make several following albums," Greg Jackman, The Syn's engineer, informed. After releasing the new album, The Syn have plans to tour across the USA.

Nardelli's glee, and also his friends', of Chris's rejoining the band, is of course reasonable. Thirty-five years have passed since Chris "left" this unfinished project. All the more so, because the early formation of Yes cannot be separated entirely from the history of The Syn. Before forming Yes with Jon Anderson, Chris Squire had made this project first. The Syn's early formation was Chris Squire (bass), Andrew Pryce Jackman (keyboards), Steve Nardelli (vocals), Martyn Adelman (drums), and John Painter (guitar). Gunar Hakanarsson, Icelandic drummer, and Peter Banks, Yes' early guitarist, later joined the band. For progressive rock music collectors and fans, the latest release from The Syn is truly going to worth the wait. Who will not enjoy the authoritative bass playing from Chris Squire and his Rickenbacker?

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