Dateline: August 2004

SYN-SATIONAL! Narsquijack tape found!

Source: Sweet Floral Albion: The Journal of UK Psychedelia, No. 31, Vol. 3, No. 7

Narsquijack Productions was a company formed by original Syn members Steve Nardelli, Chris Squire and Andrew Jackman after the band broke up. Apart from other projects, they recorded a number of demos of Steve's songs that had been thought long lost, but Nardelli/Adelman have recently discovered a reel of tape featuring 7 Narsquijack song-writing demos recorded during the late 1960's. After the untimely death of Syn arranger and keyboard player Andrew Jackman back in August 2003, Adelman contacted Andrews widow Diane, to offer his condolences, and the two of them instantly struck up a friendly rapport. He outlined Syn's intention to release an album of archive material and Diane agreed to search for items of Syn memorabilia that might have been left by her late husband. She discovered never before seen photographs of the Gangster Opera, plus some early Selfs pictures that will be featured in the forthcoming Original Syn CD booklet, but it was only after a trip by Nardelli and Adelman to her cottage in the wilds of the English countryside, that the tapes were uncovered, hiding under a pile of old sheet music.

Goodbye Decca, Hello Syn!

Syn have now purchased outright the four tracks released by Deram during the 1960's for an undisclosed but substantial sum. The songs, 'Flowerman', '14 Hour Technicolour Dream', 'Created By Clive' and 'Grounded', will be released on their forthcoming archive album 'Original Syn'.

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